Originally from Austria, living in Brooklyn, NY and currently working and living everywhere in between, my work is known to spread "corporate magic*" by combining a strategic approach with a creative, human and playful element that sparks joy and enthusiasm. 

I am fascinated by how our relationship with work is shifting and how more people can live lives in which they can flourish.

My aim is to transform how we work and live, by building systems designed to foster individual and collective well-being and help people reimagine more creative ways of living.

Over the past 10 years, I have implemented my frameworks with organizations and creative collectives such as Dropbox Design, kyu, and WorkingNotWorking, brands and agencies such as Pattern Brands, SubRosa, Red Bull, Uber, and shared my thinking on platforms and communities like Thrive Global, SuperHi, 99u, General Assembly, Freelancing Founders, Ladies Wine & Design and IMC University Krems.

Get in touch; hello@alicekatter.com  
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* Michelle Morrison, Director of Strategy and Ops at Twitter, former Head of Design Ops at Dropbox


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