With a background in Psychology, I am fascinated by understanding how people form stronger bonds and flourish through the principles of play.

I spread "Corporate Magic"* by combining strategy and creativity. With my work, I aim to spark energy and use strategic design to develop strategies, programs, and creative solutions. 

Currently, I work with Dropbox to build Community Programs, tools, and initiatives that build connections and create a culture that nurtures creativity & wellbeing for remote teams.

Over the past 10 years, I have implemented my frameworks with organizations such as WorkingNotWorking, Pattern Brands, SubRosa, Red Bull, Uber, and shared my thinking on platforms and communities like Thrive Global, SuperHi, 99u, General Assembly, Freelancing Founders, Ladies Wine & Design.

Get in touch; hello@alicekatter.com  
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* Michelle Morrison, Director of Strategy and Ops at Twitter, former Head of Design Ops at Dropbox



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