Now 💭

Welcome to my now page. Here is a short sum-up of what I’m currently up to and thinking about. 

I also hope that it inspires you to reach out if anything catches your eye.

On this page, you'll find information about my current curiosities, work, play, and more. I'll update this page monthly to keep you up to date, so be sure to check back often to see what I’m up to.


I’ve spent the last 1.5 months in South Africa, mostly Cape Town, and am amazed by its beauty and culture. Matteo and I also did a road trip along the Garden Route, which was incredibly beautiful. You can see some pics here.


  • Just wrapping up my second Out of Office Life Design Retreat, a community-oriented program to help people design a more creative way of living, this time, co-hosted with the wonderful Jonas Altman.

  • I’m now back to business and looking for a new project to pour all my new ideas, inspiration, and energy into :) (those who have worked with me know what I mean ✨🎨🤸‍♀️). What I’m curious about and looking for and why I think it’s important.

    • Organizational Culture + Community Design:
      From co-creating Community Principles → to building culture at scale
      I'm keen on working with orgs that want to build a culture of work designed based on shared values, that cultivate trust, creativity, joy, and belonging. Building out programs, tools, rituals, and creative production ideas to help teams build better connections and better ways of working and sparking joy ✨🎨
      Examples of prev work here (Dropbox)

    • Creative Community + Networks Design:
      I love working with collectives, holding companies, or community oriented-brands and platforms to build strategies, and programs to establish and strengthen their communities and networks, to catalyze a sense of belonging, get inspired, learn and grow.
      Examples of prev work here (Working Not Working + kyu Collective)


  • Currently very curious about how we can make work more sustainable – from a human sustainability perspective. As this really insightful report from Deloitte highlights, “we need to embed sustainability into purpose, strategy, and culture.” (Thank you Allison Avery for sharing!)
    I want this year to start a new era that, as HBB writes so beautifully, “values all life and living systems on earth, and, furthermore, understands business as a life-affirming and life-like force.”

  • Learning about Emergent Strategy (taking clues from how the natural world is designed and applying them to our systems), community-centered design, and social innovation design.
  • To dive deeper into this topic I will be attending Regenerating Business as a Force for Good“Building enterprises that care for people and planet” in London mid-February, which I’m very excited about. Say hi if you're there or in London and want to meet! (

  • I’m also thinking about the role of community/networks and creative collectives, and new modalities and systems of work in the future of work, to make work more sustainable, joyful, and regenerative. 

  • As part of that, I'm also nerding out on (and experimenting with) designing Communities of Practice, to empower people to meaningfully co-learn, co-create in community, and have a support network.


  • Building a global co-learning and playing community/club of workplace optimists with Out of Office, to create a space to reimagine our relationship to work, and practice living a more creative life. Exploring how this might evolve into a DAO to create a system for ownership and co-creation. Inspired by Metalabel and many others as a collaborative platform to create releases on what we’re exploring.



This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now page. If you're unfamiliar, a "now page” displays what a person is currently focused on or interested in. It essentially captures “what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year.”